“A converted fourth-floor Gastown loft with a stunning North Shore mountain view has become the office of the future.” -Vancouver Sun

"I write better, more efficiently, at Workspace, -and writing is all I care about. Thank you.” - Catherine Borrie

“Things have just gotten better by the day around here! Thanks to the hard work of Bill, Dane and Kristin (and we miss you, Eric), this place has totally taken off and become a total community hub in Vancouver's Gastown.” - Sarah Pullman

"I've had a great experience with Workspace.  I take every chance I get to tell people about what you're doing, because I believe in your dream." -Ian Korver

“WorkSpace in Gastown was the perfect venue for the event. I loved it for BarCamp, and for this kind of meeting it's ideal. Consider them for your next event... or for your nomadic workplace of choice.” -Alexandra Samuel

“The Workspace folks have done a bang up job on their, er, workspace. Makes me wanna start freelancing!” -John Ounpuu

“If you're tired of working out of a cafe or from home you might find this is an ideal place to work. I'm sure you'll find other like-minded individuals present.” -Metroblogging Vancouver

“You should totally check it out if you are looking for a collaborative and creative place to setup shop and get out of the spare room.” Kris Krug

“I only discovered it in December, and as of January 2007 it’s my proud new workquarters. Terrific staff, stunning space, meeting rooms for my clients, it’s all good. Oh - and a coffee bar to boot!” -Carrall St. Journal

“Workspace is the first of its' kind in Vancouver, filling a serious void and catering to the high demand for such a venue. Get a membership. Work in an ideal, serene, inspiring environment. Your work will thank you. Your clients will thank you. You will be happy.” -Megan Cole

“It’s a bit of an insider’s secret, but I think WorkSpace (21 Water Street, Suite 400, 604 637-2252) has the best coffee in Gastown. JJ Bean. Yum. And inexpensive (hint cheaper than Starbucks and lots of other places). You can’t hang out and work if you are not a member, but they warmly welcome people dropping by for a coffee. Check it out. Say hi to Bill and tell ‘em Roland sent you :-)   and check out Workspace as a place to work and have off site meetings. It’s a great place for free agents and consultants who normally work at home!” -Vaneats.com

“I've had a half-finished post for a while now about how much I love Workspace in Vancouver (inspired by sarah's post on the subject), and how much I wish Toronto had a similar space.” -Walkah.net

“I was at the unveiling of Workspace on Friday. The guys had been working around the clock to get the space in good shape (after all the construction) and they did a great job. The space itself is absolutely incredible. It has unbelievable views of the mountains and a wonderful open concept work environment.” -Duncan Rawlinson

“The struggle to find a balance between work and life is hard for anyone in creative industry, but even more so for creatives who freelance; for these unlucky individuals, work life and home life often fall into a single space. I've struggled with this for a long time now and know how frustrating it can be, I have gone to the furthest lengths to strike a balance, squatting at spare desks, coffee shops, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. All this misery ended yesterday when I signed up at workspace, a vancouver based shared work environment. / I originally found it on one of my daily reads, matthewgood.org, thinking it a similar community to Flickr, I clicked. My life changed a little at that point, I called immediately and checked the facility out; everything is totally worth the monthly rate, beautiful view, a vast range of personalities, and the coffee is great. If you can sympathize with my tone and need to get back into overdrive, check it out soon as space is filling up fast.” - Todd Smith

“For those travelers to Vancouver, a better way to pass another meaningless day of your life glued to a computer screen, is to do it at Workspace, a business traveler's paradise Workspace is pretty self-explanatory. A loft kitted out with computers, wifi, ergonomically correct chairs where freelancer's and traveler's can work. What makes it more than just a drone-farm is the amentities. A cafe, a kitchen. They even have yoga. You can be a member for a month or year or day. A day pass, $35, gets you wifi, printing, faxing and scanning capabilities, and a ridiculously nice view. Open 24/7, it sure beats the business centers at most hotels...” -Gridskipper.com

“Home is where the heart is but in my case it is also where the fridge is and endlessly ransacked, the cigarettes unnecessarily smoked, the fruitless steps paced, the cuticles shamelessly pulled, the ceiling studied, the mess made, the browser repeatedly refreshed when it's obvious that no one would have emailed me between "Home" and this freaking period. Home (and my the repeated nights of gazing into my monitor's glare) also happens to be a reason why I get so desperate party my face off every weekend. / Yesterday I checked out Workspace. It's meant for the entrepreneurial types but I left thinking it could work for me too.” -Beyond Robson